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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about something?  I'd be happy to help!  If you don't see your question listed here, please e-mail me!

  How do I know if I can use a mini CD?

Easy!  If your CD player has a tray that slides out, you can use a mini CD!  If your computer "sucks" your CD in, please don't use a mini CD.  It will get stuck!


  Help! I didn't get a CD, and I lost my designs! 

That's OK!  Just click here to sign in.  After you sign in, you will see a list of all of the sets you have purchased, and you can download them again.


  I ordered the wrong format!  What can I do?

No problem!  Just e-mail me. Include your name, order number, and what format you would like, and I'll e-mail the designs to you.


  I can't find the instructions!  Help!

If you are using your embroidery software to look for the instructions, you probably won't find them.  Most embroidery software programs will only show embroidery files.  Open the zipped file on your computer's desktop, and look for the instructions that way!  If you still need help, e-mail me!


  I would like to get your designs, but you don't have my format!  Do you offer any other formats?

Yes!  Please e-mail me, and let me know what format you would like.


  Why did the price of shipping go up?

Drat the post office!  They have increased their prices!  But don't worry!  If you are only ordering a design set, you can download the designs for free!  You really don't need the CD unless you are collecting them!  :-)  On your download page, you can see all of the designs you have ordered, and you will always have access to them.  Click here to login to your download page!


Elegant Embroidery Designs by Shelly Smola
Frequently Asked Questions
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