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Bedtime Airline Quilt
Bedtime Airline Quilt

The Bedtime Airline Quilt is every future pilot's dream!  You can design your own layout or make the quilt shown below!  This set includes squares for a 4x4 hoop, 5x5 hoop, or 6x6 hoop.  It has 3 road sections, 2 parking lots, a helipad, and 16 tarmac sections.  Design whatever size quilt you want, whether it is a playmat, pillowcase, lap quilt, or a full size quilt!  The detailed instructions include templates that you can cut out to design your layout.  This set can also be combined with the Bedtime Rail Line and At the track! 

What really makes this quilt fun are the accessories (sold separately) - the maintenance shed, hangar, control tower, and terminal.  There is a special offer below if you want the accessories, too!

Hoop Sizes:  4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 (Please note:  PCS format only has 4x4 squares.) 


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Bedtime Airline Quilt
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Bedtime Airline Quilt - ART
Bedtime Airline Quilt - DST
Bedtime Airline Quilt - EXP
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Bedtime Airline Quilt - PCS
Bedtime Airline Quilt - PES
Bedtime Airline Quilt - VIP
Bedtime Airline Quilt - VP3
Please mail me a CD, too!
I would like a mini CD (Add $4.00)
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Yes, please add the Maintenance Shed, Hangar, Control Tower, and Terminal!
Bedtime Airline Accessories - ART (Add $32.00)
Bedtime Airline Accessories - DST (Add $32.00)
Bedtime Airline Accessories - EXP (Add $32.00)
Bedtime Airline Accessories - HUS (Add $32.00)
Bedtime Airline Accessories - JEF (Add $32.00)
Bedtime Airline Accessories - PES (Add $32.00)
Bedtime Airline Accessories - VIP (Add $32.00)
Bedtime Airline Accessories - VP3 (Add $32.00)
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Elegant Embroidery Designs by Shelly Smola
Bedtime Airline Quilt
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